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WELCOME In beautiful Christianshavn – right in the center of the city of Copenhagen, Denmark – you will find some of the most competent, innovative, dedicated and creative sound designers, mixers and production-sound mixers in Denmark. Our team of professionals has broad experience in audio post-production, mixing and sound recording for feature films, television and other […]

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Mikkel Groos: Rune Palving: Roar Skau Olsen:

Sound Subcontracting

We offer our customers what we call the SOUND SUBCONTRACTING. We have the size and flexibility to cover all or part of the audio production needs our customers may have, no matter the size. We offer a fixed price of manpower, equipment, studios, foley recordings and all types and standarts of final mixes, both theatrical […]


LOCATION RECORDING EQUIPMENT We have for several state of the art field sound recording setups. Our digital sound recorders such as Cantar X2 aswell as several different edition of Sound Devices. Our favorite wireless microports are Audio Limited and Lectrosonics. Rent your audio equipment with us, and rest assured that you will have equipment to work with that fits […]

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København / Copenhagen:

Tonemestrene / Tonemasters
Wildersgade 32, 2 floor.
1408 Copenhagen

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Roar Tel: +45 28220910
Rune Tel: +45 60229644
Mikkel Tel: +45 26706380

Fyn / Fynen:

Tonemestrene / Tonemasters
Industrivej 6,
5750 Ringe.
Mikkel Tel: +45 26706380
Roar Tel: +45 28220910